by wyattnunn

The main difference I made from the feedback from my group members was too add myself. So I did so at the beginning of my video. I added about 45 seconds to my video which increased the overall length because I decided not to cut anything out of it. I am generally pretty happy with how my video turned out. I do wish that I could use the music that I want. I wanted to use the Monday Night Football theme, but it is copyrighted. No worries here, I just decided to work with what I had.

Story Board
My story board is comprised of video interviews I did with my friends. The draft video starts out myself talking for about 45 seconds, then it shows the question I asked all of my friends. It then transitions to the first interview, there is background music going on throughout the almost 2 minute long video. After the first interview, the second one occurs, and then the third video. There is a video transition between them all.