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The Scorgasms of North x Northwest

Month: December, 2012

Final Write-Up

            My favorite project was working with Photoshop. I have always loved working in the program, so it was nice to put my skills to the test and get them graded. I pretty much had worked with all of the Adobe CS packages. The one that I was least familiar with was Illustrator, but that wasn’t too bad. In the future I could see myself helping create logos or being a graphic designer. My emphasis however is Journalism and Media Production. One thing I think that could have been helpful would be learning how to use Adobe Flash could be helpful. It would allow us to learn how to create animation videos, which could be helpful in today’s world. I did not use any other websites or resources really. I did ask my mother a few things when we were working with Illustrator because she is a graphic designer for The Tacoma News Tribune. I have had to use tutorials before class when I have messed around with the programs. I think that learning After Effects could be cool, but it is very time consuming and difficult. It can be amazing, frustrating, and fulfilling how long it takes to edit and change a 30 second clip.  Other thoughts on the class, it was annoying at times to have to work around copyrighted material. I thought for educational purposes you could use any kind of pictures or music you wanted. I do understand that if I were making logos for a company or for profit, then using copyrighted material would be a no go. Overall though I thought the class was pretty fun, and I enjoying having to work for a deadline. It was kind of weird never having seen Prof. Beam in person, and only through the video tutorials that were required for class.



The main difference I made from the feedback from my group members was too add myself. So I did so at the beginning of my video. I added about 45 seconds to my video which increased the overall length because I decided not to cut anything out of it. I am generally pretty happy with how my video turned out. I do wish that I could use the music that I want. I wanted to use the Monday Night Football theme, but it is copyrighted. No worries here, I just decided to work with what I had.

Story Board
My story board is comprised of video interviews I did with my friends. The draft video starts out myself talking for about 45 seconds, then it shows the question I asked all of my friends. It then transitions to the first interview, there is background music going on throughout the almost 2 minute long video. After the first interview, the second one occurs, and then the third video. There is a video transition between them all.