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The Scorgasms of North x Northwest

Month: September, 2012

Basic RGB


My design was created in class. I had been trying to come up with a logo that could somehow go with the theme of my blog. I was having some serious trouble, especially when I could not use any pictures. So I had come up with a design using shapes and making them 3D, I then made the image 8-bit, but the Illustrator quit, and I lost everything. It was late so I went to bed. In the morning I was doodling in class, and came up with something I thought had potential. I drew a dog and was going to draw the body until I made a bad stroke and decided to turn the stroke into a medal that the dog was wearing. The logo was born. As soon as I returned from class I went to work in Illustrator. I got the pen tool out and started sketching away. I then worked the image a round a little and curved some things here and there, and voila it had been created, or at least a prototype was birthed. I thought to myself, this has all the elements of a logo. I was able to create something simple, yet still aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It only used two colors, which kept things simple, and this image could be scaled to any size. Then I thought well I need a fake brand name that can be associated with the logo. So I was brainstorming and had thought top dog would be good, he has a medal, why not. Then my roommate said, “What about best in show?” So then I ran with it. I was very pleased with the input and ended up using best in show. I am more pleased with this logo than the one that I was creating that crashed. I also somehow spent way less time. As a logo this serves its purpose.


Brown Hill Running

Picked up RB Andre Brown of the New York Giants who started for the injured Ahmad Bradshaw. It payed off with 113 rushing yards, 17 reception yards and 2 TDs. A total of 27 points. Pretty good for a backup.


Adobe Illustrator Tutorials



NFL Collage Final

What I decided to do for my photograph was to take some of the players on my fantasy football team, the Scorgasms. What I did was I created a blank background first. I then found pictures of my players online. I chose Philip Rivers, Hakeem Nicks, Aaron Hernandez, Julio Jones, Matt Stafford, Ryan Matthews, Adrian Peterson, and Arian Foster. What I did for all my photos was I went in and took just the subject out. I then would mess around with the levels to create a more photogenic picture. After I messed with the levels. I then worked around with the saturation. Post saturation I used one of my favorite techniques. What I like to do with the photos in a collage type surrounding is to select a portion of the subject; in this instance I focused on the players jerseys and bodies, and sometimes helmets. I then use the cutout filter. What I like about the cutout filter is that it gives a cartoon or drawn on look to what has been selected. When I pair that with the unselected body parts of the players, I feel that it gives a real unique look. I feel that my collage looks like someone took these players, and cutout material to use on the players, but still maintained a realistic heads and arms. After doing that process to every player, I then had to make sure that the layers fit well, and looked good. Upon completion I went to the background and colored it black. I then used a craquelure texture from the filters to give another dimension to the collage. I chose the background as it also can hide any bad editing I may have done. The only feedback I received was to add a stadium in the background. I tried it, and it looked ugly. With the way the players are positioned and set up the stadium background just looked out of place. Plus I think the black background makes the players and their uniforms pop.

Week 1…I can’t believe you’ve done this!

So I lost my week 1 matchup to the Jamaican MuffCrushers by 4 points, and Fred Jackson is out for 3 weeks!





Pieces to the Puzzle