And So It Begins

by wyattnunn

The topic I have chosen to write about is my fantasy football team, The Scorgasms. In last years contest The Scorgasms lead the North x Northwest league at the end of the regular season; they were anchored by running backs Arian Foster of The Houston Texans, and Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens. In the playoffs this goliath met his David at the hands of “Hammers 4 Days”, which was owned by Tys Litsky. I saw my season end in despair. This year’s league consists of 8 owners and a yearly rotating commissioner. I am the commissioner this year, and my team, The Scorgams have returned hungry and vengeful after last years playoff exit. There is also the “Jamaican Muffcrushers” owned by Brody Howe, the “Gambier Lords” owned by Ben Jacoby, “Lucky Lindy Ducks” Owned by Blair Lindberg, the “Titsberg Feelers” owned by Cole Parker, “Will You Though?” owned by Ian Bishop, “Team Litsky” owned by Tys Litsky, and “Team Spencer” owned by Skylar Spencer. As the season picks up, you will hear more about the owners. The draft took place on August 10th; I was able to get the 4th pick in the draft. Middle placement was not what I had in mind, but I had to make due. With my first selection I was hoping to get Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, but he was taken one pick before me, so I took my last top tier ranked quarterback Matt Stafford of the Detroit Lions. My next objective was to take my first running back; I was in luck as LeSean McCoy from Philadelphia fell to me. The pressure was heating up, with my third pick I took a gamble on running back Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings; he was last years consensus number one pick, but was coming off of a torn ACL/MCL. With RB1 and RB2 off the board it was time to get busy. I noticed that by the time my 4th pick rolled around only The Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was left on my desirables at the TE position, so I scooped him up. Next I took Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Julio Jones, and then recognized defenses were falling off the board fast so with pick number 6 I took The Seattle Seahawks defense and special teams. With my 7th pick I took a gamble on RB Ryan Matthews from San Diego who had just broken his collarbone. I then grabbed two receivers Hakeem Nicks and Dwayne Bowe from The Giants and Chiefs. I then took Texan’s QB Matt Schaub as my backup, RB Fred Jackson from Buffalo, TE Jason Witten from Dallas who will later lacerate his spleen. New England Defense, Jeremy Maclin from Philadelphia and finally Bears kicker Robbie Gould. Post draft Schaub and McCoy were traded for QB Phillip Rivers of San Diego, and my anchor from last year Arian Foster; Foster is ranked as the preseason number 1 RB this year. This is my year.